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Terms & Conditions

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Please read terms & conditions below Before paying your deposit or full payment Thank you.

Terms and conditions

‘The Owner’ is Sweet Candy Dreams

‘The Hirer’ or ' The Client' is the person (or people) who had a consultation and agreed to the hire of the goods

‘The Hired Goods’ are all items listed on the booking form.

‘The Hire Period’ is the period of time between the hired goods being delivered to and collected from the venue.




At Sweet Candy Dreams we are here to make your day as special and ease free as possible which we always aspire to do , however we have to make you our client aware that some responsibilities are unfortunately not in our hands , below are responsibilities that are in the hand of you our client 'The Hirer' ……….

1- It is your responsibility to inform your venue of our attendance and all arrangements made between ourselves and you our client...

- We do not accept liability should the venue fail to provide electricity, refuse set up of your hired goods , thereby preventing the use of your chosen hired goods from us , no refund will be given from Sweet Candy Dreams.

2 - It is your responsibility that guests use your hired goods in a responsible and correct manner...

- Should guests become unruly and considered by the operator to be a risk either to themselves, other guests or your hired goods, we reserve the right to dismantle the equipment and leave the premises. No refund will be given from Sweet Candy Dreams.

3 - It is your responsibility to check all information in the booking conformation is correct and confirm this with us .

4 - It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes or requirements before the event.

5 - The hirer accepts that photographs may be taken at your event using your hired goods and their guests during the event for advertising and agrees that they may be used in publicity material solely by Sweet Candy Dreams. (If you do not want this please inform us before your event) 

6 - It is your responsibility to inform us of the correct amount of guests, if there are more guests than stated, your booking time will be significantly reduced or a payment of 80p per head would be required to continue the full service. ( Small discrepancies up to 10 guests would be catered for at no extra cost ) 'UNLIMITED' service only applies if the number of guests you have paid for is the same number of guests at your event ! 




1 - The hirer is solely responsible for any claim against the seller for any spillages on any items of clothing, furniture, carpet or anything else caused by others.

2 - We do not accept responsibility for any circumstances out of our direct control which prevent the use of your hire, such as power failure, flooding etc.

3 - We are not liable for any injury, loss or damage directly or consequently arising from the use of your hired services if missed used by your self or your guests ,whether used singularly or in conjunction with any other equipment.

4 - Breakdown, in the unlikely event that the equipment for your hire should breakdown or fail to operate correctly, on chocolate fountains the system will still allow the guests to dip food into the melted chocolate situated in the bowl of the fountain therefore will still provide your guests with the warm chocolate experience. Sweet Candy Dreams will refund the hirer 30% of the hire cost. Other equipment that will not still allow use we will provide a Full refund. In any event, the hirer agrees that the maximum claim that could be made in respect of loss or damage is restricted to the total cost of the hire and no more. No compensation on top of the hire cost will be payable in any event.

4 - Sweet Candy Dreams is not responsible for the late running of your event . if the delay is caused by the venue/guests/or prior event over running Should this occur we will do our best to accommodate. Due to often having several booking on one day it may not be possible to extend your booking time and the original booking time will remain causing you to loose out on service time therefore limiting the number of servings.

5 - Sweet Candy Dreams cannot be held responsible for some circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event; these may include severe weather conditions, traffic delays. In the case that we cannot attend or fulfil your hire due to events beyond our control we will contact you or the venue as soon as possible. In these instances our liability will be limited to refunding all of monies paid.

6 . Sweet Candy Dreams will not be held responsible for a act of God, War, Riot or any other situation in relation stopping us attending your event . in this situation please refer to section 5, paragraph 2 & 3 and section 4 for details on refunds and date transfers.

7 - Whilst we make every effort to obtain your first choice of Dips / flavours if for any reason we are unable to fulfill your choice due to supply not been available, we will substitute with another choice available.



We recognise the seriousness of allergic reactions , our chocolate is nut free and produced in a nut free factory. It is also gluten free but as we provide foods for dipping foods from many different manufacturers we are alerting you to the fact that any of the foods (dips) that we supply may contain traces of nuts which may pose a problem to people who are allergic to peanuts, nuts or nut derivatives.

As the making of most foods (dips) may involve the same product line for products with or without nuts, we are unable to guarantee 100%

that traces of nuts will not be present in ANY foods .

Please note that the foods (dips) may also contain gluten, milk, eggs, wheat, and or coconut please also take this into consideration .

We recommend that young children are supervised by an adult when choosing and consuming foods from the chocolate fountain as we do not accept responsibility .



Any changes made your package could incur a charge , however where possible we endeavour to make these changes for you with no charges.

Any changes to your date should this occur we will do our very best to accommodate, but we can not guarantee this as we may be fully booked for your rescheduled date. If this is the case the booking will not be refunded if you wish to terminate .

Booking Fees are non refundable, this is a fee taken to cover the work provided to complete your booking.



1 - The following charges will apply to the cancellation of Service once confirmation has been made, either written, Email or verbal. These charges are as follows:

2 - Minimum Charge taken as a booking fee will be non refundable as this is paid for the service of work already provided to complete your booking . £75.00 per small items booked / £150 on food packages.

3 - Cancellation.....

The hirer must make cancellations in writing or email . 

All booking fees are none refundable.

If the booking is cancelled 4 weeks or more prior to the event date no booking fee will be returned and no further fee will be payable by the hirer. 

7 - 28 days before the event 50% of the balancing payment, not including the booking fee will be returned. 6 days or less 25% of the balancing payment not including the booking fee will be returned.

Deposits are held at our discretion and may not be refunded but can be transferred to a rescheduled date / time , subject to availability,

Booking Fees are non refundable, this is a fee taken to cover the work provided to complete your booking.


Thank you... Sweet Candy Dreams.





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