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Mini Pancake Station Hire

Mini Pancake Station Hire.

Mini Pancake are one of the latest fun foods to hit the uk ideal for any event, Wedding, Birthdays, Asian Events and much more.

We can serve the mini pancakes in many different ways, as canapés, full desserts to the tables, a fun food with toppings in trays , also they can be served with so many choices of toppings from ice cream, fruits, sweet toppings, sauces, 

whichever way you like it we can achieve your vision.

The mini pancakes are made fresh in front of your guests from the pancake station giving not only a delicious treat but an eye catching service that will impress your guests.

Our mini pancake stations make fresh pancakes at your event for your guests to enjoy watching thier treat been made in front of them.

Mini pancakes platters can be served to your guests as a formal dessert to the table by uniformed staff. 

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Pancake Toppings

A large range of topping are available from....

Caramel sauce, Strawberry sauce, Chocolate sauce, Smarties, Mini marshmallows, Crushed Biscoff, Fudge pieces, Crushed Oreos, Crushed Cookies, Sprinkles, Banana, Lemon & Meringue, 

Mini Pancake Station Hire Prices.

100 guest package      £350 

150 guest package     £440

200 guest package     £530

250 guest package     £599

Ice cream can be added at extra cost, Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Extras to add to your package

Strawberry's, Cream, Nutella, Ice Creams

Priced per 50 Guests 

Strawberries.   -    £25

Cream    -    £25

Nutella    -    £35

Ice cream    -    £50

Mini Pancakes can be served as canapés and can be made to your requirments, the list is endless.  

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