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Beverage Fountain Hire.

Our Beverage Fountain is perfect for a Punch, cocktail or maybe a baileys, a spectacular and unique greeting for your guests.

Helping make your event spectacular.

Our beverage fountains are the Apex 46" 10 Gallon 50th anniversary model, making it the most spectacular beverage fountain you could hire to make a stunning centrepiece at your event.

Our most popular drink  choices ........

Vodka & Cranberry juice

Fruit punch (alcoholic and non alcoholic)

Red and white wine



Fruit juices

We recommend having drinks NOT containing pulp as it will block the pump and are unsuitable for use.

The beverage fountain is also known as champagne fountain however we do not recommend using a champagne or bubbly drink in the fountain as the running of the beverage fountain takes out the fizz.

Beverage fountain hire_edited.jpg

Beverage fountain Hire Options

Hire Option 1

Add this spectacular Beverage fountain to any of our other services for a discounted price of ....

46" Model £119

Hire Option 2

Dry Hire : Beverage Fountain with a uniformed attendant, set up and after event clean up service, hire for a 3 hour service.

46" Model £220

All you need to supply is the beverage of your choice and glass ware.

Hire Option 3

Hire including 46" Beverage Fountain including 25 Litres per 100 guests of non alcoholic beverage, i.e. Punch, Rubicon or fresh juices, Ice, and a uniformed attendant, set up and after event clean up service. 

This is a 3 hour service.

46" Model - 50 Litres

100 guests.      -       £229

150 guests.      -       £244

200 guests.      -       £259

Baileys Fountain.

If you would like to offer something different for your guests one of our most popular choices is the Baileys beverage fountain , an indulgent treat for your guests .

A great way to add that wow factor to your event .

Guest enjoy catching the flow of Baileys with delicious chocolate cups, adding a touch of class to any event large or small .

Whether you're holding a ball, a corporate event or any celebration the luxurious flow of baileys is always a crowd pleaser .

Our beverage fountain can be hired alone or as an addition to any of our other packages

Baileys chocolate shot cups prices.

100 Cups   £25                         400 Cups £79

200 Cups  £46                         500 Cups £98

 300 Cups  £63                         600 Cups £114

Chocolate cups for Chocolate fountains
Baileys fountain hire.jpg
Champagne, Punch, Fruit juice Beverage Fountain Hire rentle.jpg

Planning Your Hire.

As an example, you can provide a spirit of your choice and a fruit juice mixer for around £70 this is for 4 litres of spirit and 20 litres of juice. This would provide about 240 servings at 100ml per guest or 190 servings at 125ml per guest or 137 servings at 175ml, We advise to use 2 parts spirit to 5 parts mixer as a guideline. So to fill our 46" fountain we would work on 4 litres of spirit to 20 litres of juice or mixer, double this to fill to its maximum capacity

Please note we don't recommend putting beverages that are sparkling into the fountain as it makes drinks flat within minutes and spoils the taste, we will not be held responsible when this occurs. We do recommend using a Punch, Baileys or any still beverage.

Our Beverage fountains are the best on the market standing a impressive 46" tall with a capacity of 50 Litres. ( more beverage can be added at anytime ) 

Citrus fruit slices, strawberries or ice can be added to the bowl, should you wish to add this option please state when booking.

Baileys chocolate shot cups prices.

Disposable shot glasses 

Disposable flute glasses (100ml) can be added to your package at a cost of £35 per 100 glasses.

Disposable shot glasses (25ml) can be added to your package at a cost of £8 per 100 glasses.

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